Nizar Janmohamed
President, CEO and Director of Maintenance
Licensed A.M.E.

Having started out in aviation in 1964, he has spent a life time in this career and he is still at it! For the past forty years, he has worked almost exclusively on general aviation aircraft. Apart from regular and heavy maintenance of light aircraft, he has had the opportunity to acquire knowledge and experience on a variety of specialized tasks such as propeller and piston engine repair and overhaul, electrical component repair and overhaul, cabin combustion heater repair and overhaul just to name a few. The types of aircraft and engines that he has been exposed to are too many to mention here but they are mostly American manufactured and some European and British as well.

This life time of aviation work is spread over various countries but mostly Kenya (fourteen years), the U.K. (ten years) and Canada (seventeen years). The others are Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, the Seychelles and U.S.A. At present, he is President, CEO and Director of Maintenance of Safari Express.

His qualifications are an A.M.E. license issued by Transport Canada, an A, C and X license issued by the Civil Aviation Authority of the U.K., an A&P license issued by the Federal Aviation Administration of the United States, an A.M.E. license issued by Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania Directorate of Civil Aviation, Chief Inspector's competency certificate issue by Registro Aeronautico Italiano, Maintenance training certificate on Piper Cheyenne series issued by Flight Safety International, Maintenance Training certificate on Pilatus-Britten-Norman Islander and Trilanders series issued by Britten-Norman (Bembridge) Limited among others.